Free Method to Make Money by Copying and Pasting

free method to make money online

With this free method to make money, you can build a sustainable online business and have a monthly income to rely on. It’s not just like go and make money once and then never make money from this strategy again. This is a strategy that works really well and it pays all over the world, no matter where you’re coming from, and no investment is needed. So you can do this with no money at all. This is step by step done for you method. If you follow all of the steps, you can keep making consistent monthly income from it.

1. Create a Quora Account

Your first step in this free method to make money online is to go over to Over 400 million people are using this website every single month, and most of them are from top-tier countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. So this website has a massive potential

Quora is a website where you can ask and answer different questions. Now, don’t worry because I’m not going to tell you to go and reply to people’s questions and try to promote some products over there. It’s nothing like that. Today we will be using Quora in a very different way. So just go over to and create an absolutely free account. It’s literally gonna take you less than 60 seconds and once you’re done signing up. This is how it’s gonna look like once you log in to your Quora account.

2. Create Quora Space

It pretty much looks like all other social media platforms. You have the feed over here. So you can read other people’s posts, but mainly people come to ask and answer questions. The way you will be using Quora is by creating Spaces. Just like you have Facebook groups on Facebook on Quora, you have these spaces, where you can connect with other like-minded people, that are interested in a specific topic. You just click on Spaces right at the top and click on “see all spaces” and as soon as you do that you want to click on “Create a Space”. So you can create your own group. And I’m going to show you how you can build it with absolutely free traffic, build it literally today with less than 30 minutes of work and make consistent passive income from it again and again, hopefully, every single day.

So you just click on “Create a Space”, and now you want to name it. This all depends on the category and on the niche you want to be in. If you want to be in the weight loss niche, you can name your group about something related to losing weight, fitness, and health. The same goes if you want to be in a football niche, you can name your group to be something related to football. Also If you wanted to be in an online business space, just name it like make money online or online business or work from home, whatever you want.

I’m going to explain it to you with the weight loss niche. So I can, for example, choose Fast weight loss, Weight loss winners, etc. Be creative with that one. Then you can write a one-line description of your space/group and just click “done”. Your group has been created.

3. You will need content but don’t worry

Now, how you build these types of spaces. These types of groups in Quora are about posting questions inside of your own group and answering those same questions. Don’t worry because I’m going to give you a free platform from which you will be allowed to copy and paste questions inside your own group. And that way all the other people that come on and that specific question can find your group. They can join your group and see your answer.

4. PLRPLR has all your questions and answers

You will need some questions and answers related to that specific topic, to that specific niche. In my case, that’s going to be the weight loss niche, so what you can simply do, is you can go to This is the place where you can find loads of different PLR articles (PLR stands for private label rights, which means that you have a full license to do whatever you want with those articles). You can post them on your own forums, websites, groups, or even sell them. It’s all up to you. But we will be posting them inside of our Quora group, so we can attract a targeted audience. So we can attract people interested in that specific topic and then I’m going to show you how you can make big money off of that.

So, on the right side, you have all of these different categories which you can choose from. You have everything from like advertising and affiliate marketing all the way down to boating boats, book marketing cars, cats, celebrities… You have destinations, dogs, education, golf, google, AdSense… All of these different topics like you can see hundreds of different topics. But since my group is about weight loss, I will select the weight loss category and try to find some interesting articles which I can put on my Quora group.

So, for example, I found an article named Burning fat versus burning calories. What I can simply do is, I can title the question as: Should you burn fat or should you burn calories? And this article is actually the reply. It is the entire reply which I can use free of charge. So you don’t have to write anything. You can literally just copy and paste and do this again and again. It’s going to take you less than 60 seconds to set it up.

5. But how you make money from this?

This suppose to be a free method to make money, right? So how you can earn from this? When you ask and answer questions on your Quora space you should put your affiliate link into the article. Make sure that your affiliate offer is in the same niche as the article. This is pretty obvious actually. More on finding the right offer you can read here.

free method to make money

This is how it’s gonna look like. People can start reading this entire article and they can see this best weight loss product. They can click on it and if they take action you will make money and this will quickly add up. A lot of people can end up inside of your group because hundreds of millions of people are using on a monthly basis. So this has massive potential.

When you post this inside of your group it’s going to stay on Quora forever. So whenever someone starts searching either on Google or in Quora for losing weight for fitness and weight loss, they can probably come across my group, where we discuss about losing weight. They can see all of these texts that I have for them. So I’m providing a lot of free value with all of these articles which they can read. And between those lines, I have my product, my offer, which they can click on, and since all of them are interested in, that most of them will end up clicking on it. And I will be making money.

6. Is this free method to make money for you?

The more of these articles you post inside of your group, so the more posts, questions, and answers you have inside of your Quora space, the more you will be able to grow and obviously the more money you’ll be able to make. Keep in mind that once you have this set up and running successfully, other people will start discussing inside of your group, which will keep the engagement up. So you don’t have to do the work from that point and it’s all gonna stay over there forever. Maybe in a couple of years where, when someone searches for weight loss and how they can lose weight, they can come across your group. They can come across all of your posts, they can read them and you will still keep making money from it. This is truly passive income.

But at first, it’s obviously gonna require some work, time, and effort to set it up properly. Take action, set this up and you have the potential to make big passive income online with the strategy. But if you if you are not willing to invest time and energy in the beginning, this free method to make money online is not for you.

Free Method to Make Money by Copying and Pasting

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