How to become an influencer?


Being an influencer can be the greatest job ever if you doing it right. There are five essential tips on how to be a successful influencer.

Who is an influencer?

What it really means to be an influencer? Before we start I really want to give you a clear understanding of the true value of an influencer or what being an influence really means. I know now in 2020 when people think of influencers, they think of people who have created a perfect flamboyant life, people who have lots of money, people who will travel the world, people who have luxury items. But that doesn’t equate to who an influencer really is. Those are just the rewards that come after being an influencer. After putting in the hard work.

After growing influence influencers hold a lot of value because they interact with people and there are people-centric. Having 1 million followers or subscribers on social media doesn’t automatically make you an influencer. I mean it can make you a celebrity or it can make you famous but it doesn’t make you an influencer. For being an influencer you have to make a positive impact on your followers on social media.

How to be an influencer and how to make an impact?

Tip #1: Don’t be scared to be an influencer

Don’t be afraid to start your profile or channel on social media. If you feel you can make a positive impact and influence people in a positive way, then you should go and do it. Don’t be scared about what people may say.

Tip #2: Find your niche

This is very important. You have to have your niche to be very clear on why people should follow you. Instagram is currently so saturated that there needs to be a reason why people should follow you and you need to make that clear straight away. So when people go to your Instagram before they’re following you and they see your photos and your bio they can know straight away, yes I want to follow this person or no. And it’s really good to be clear because you do only want people following you for things you stand for and for your personality. When an average user thinks of following someone he or she goes to their bio and has a quick skim over photos and then makes a decision. That way there is all about finding your niche.

For example, if you’re really into fashion make it obvious that it’s a fashion sort of Instagram. There are a lot of people in the categories of health, fitness, and fashion. Therefore you need your point of difference why are you better than all others? Why they should follow you? Put it in your bio so people know what your niche is all about and what is your point of difference (the reason they want to follow you).

Tip #3: Add value

This tip is probably most important because so many people miss this point. I know it’s kind of hard because there are some Instagrams where the person just looks extremely pretty and they put an emoji as a caption and you don’t get any value from there, but so many people are following them. You have to understand that is only a small proportion of accounts. Most people don’t follow those accounts. They follow people who give them value instead. Followers like to learn new things, they like quality content. Followers love to be informed, so make sure your account whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube is adding value in some way.

Find what value you can give to your audience so don’t just put an emoji in the caption. Add some sort of value or you won’t get an audience. Remember, you want to be someone who adds value and try to impact someone’s life. When you starting to get your followers you have to interact with them and ask them what part of your content they like the most. Or what kind of content they miss on your profile. After that, you focused on creating more of the desired content.

Tip #4: Just be you!

The fourth tip is about showing your personality. Be vulnerable and show your weaknesses. This is what is going to gain a connection with your audience. Show your followers when you are really down and when you having an exceptional day. Don’t show them just jour pretty filtered photos of your fake ideal life. People will eventually find out that you are pretending and unfollow you.

People who just post photos and you don’t know anything about them become uninteresting sooner or later. It’s so much easier to unfollow them and also not being as involved if they’re doing something or they’re promoting a product. But on the other hand, someone with whom the following has a lot in common can have much more effective promotions. If there is a connection people will stay.

It for sure feels weird to share your life with a lot of people especially people you don’t know. At least at the start. But that is something you have to do if you want to be a successful influencer. You need to be you in order to attract followers.

Tip #5: Be an authentic influencer

The Fifth tip links to the fourth tip and is about being authentic. Followers know when you are not real. Followers see when they’re not real authentic self. They know if you’re not producing content that feels good. If you producing content just because you have to publish something. If you not real there can’t be a lasting connection with your following.

Make sure you stay true and authentic because you will find your people like you just because you are you. And if you do that I’m sure you’ll find your tribe. You’ll find your people who love you for you and your personality so there’s just no point in copying someone and not being authentic because you won’t be able to keep it up and it will be shown through your content.

When you thinking about the next content, what you’ll post on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, think of your followers. What would they like to see or read? This of course also applies when taking on promotional deals.

So, if you can follow these tips there is potential for a new big influencer. Just don’t forget to mention this little blog when you become big and famous ?

How to become an influencer?

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