How to get FREE Cryptocurrency

free cryptocurrency

Nowadays, we all want a piece of the pie in cryptocurrencies. I wrote about how to buy them here. Today, however, I’m writing more extensively on how and especially where to get some satoshi here and some there and thus secure your own completely free cryptocurrency.

If you want free cryptocurrency you are in luck. There are several ways to get Bitcoin and others completely free and right now! seriously, you can start right away! Understandably yes not in large quantities but they are available free of charge.

Crypto Faucets for free cryptocurrency

These websites are giving you small amounts of cryptocurrencies every few minutes. So you can get quite a few free cryptocurrencies if you coming back. Moreover, you don’t get only Bitcoins but can get a wide range of different most common currencies. The best thing about this method is that they pay immediately on FaucetPay. So, if they stop paying you just move to another faucet.

Crypto Faucets paying on the day 1/21/2021:

Mine Crypto Yourself with web browser

With this FREE web browser, you can mine Bitcoins yourself. While surfing the internet! You don’t need to do anything just use this browser. I double my earnings by using it for visiting crypto faucets. More about this type of earning free Bitcoins is here.

Cloud Mining for free cryptocurrency

Is online mining where you put your cryptocurrency address on a webpage and the system starts to mining some cryptocurrency. These providers offer free mining.

Free cloud mining companies on 1/21/2021:

Litecoin daily in your wallet:

Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

What is a micro wallet?

Most of these providers which I have listed above pay into micro wallets as is FaucetPay. This is a wallet for cryptocurrencies intended for smaller amounts. Once you have enough satoshi in it, you can transfer them to a real crypto wallet. For a real crypto wallet I suggest Exodus or Coinbase.

There are other ways to get free cryptocurrencies but I find the ones I listed above the safest right now.

Follow this page as I will try to update it with a new offers on the free cryptocurrency market.

How to get FREE Cryptocurrency

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