How to make money by testing games

making money testing games

Making money by testing games is a great way to earn additional income. You have probably heard you can make money by becoming a tester for video game creators. An online tester can test various games and other products to earn income. There are quite a few such companies. Today I’m presenting a company called PlaytestCloud. And they’re always looking for testers to join their site and get paid to test video games.

This company basically hire game testers to test out video games that are posted on their website by game developers. Game developers are using game testers services to gain some understanding and better insights on the games that they develop. Therefore they will testers to test out their games and give their thoughts and opinions about the game.

This is also an app that you can use on your mobile device, so you can earn money testing games on your mobile device as well.

How can you become a game tester?

Good news is that PlaytestCloud hires all over the world. To become a game tester you have to sign in. When you go to their website find a button which says: become a tester. You want to click on that and it will take you to a page where you will get instructions on how to sign up as a tester. If you sign up and if you’re eligible they will send you a qualification test. There is also an unpaid qualification task. The purpose of this task is for them to see if you qualify to test games. If you fail the qualification test don’t worry you can retake the test as many times as you want.

When you sign in you have to choose which games you would like to playtest every week and they’ll send you games to test on a weekly basis. If you’re someone who doesn’t know much about video games you can always look up the different types of video games that are out there. A great site that you can look at for sample video games is and they have a full library of various games that you can look at. And put the names of the games in the application form. Now you want to put multiple um games in this sum section here so that will give you a better opportunity and consequently more money.

You can also include pc console games that you play as well. So if you have mobile games that work as well and they also want you to enter your gaming devices just add the devices you own to your profile if you don’t add any devices they won’t be able to send you any play tests so you want to enter your ios, android or other devices that you want to test games on.

After you qualify they will invite you to play tests where you can earn money.

How much money can you make as s game tester?

The question you are probably most interested in is how much money you will earn. Payment for each playtest can vary depending on the tasks required during the playtests and the length of the playtest itself. Anyway, a 15 minute playtest and survey will generally get you a reward of $9 USD. In other words, you can get paid 9 dollars per game that you test. Even more, there is no minimum amount that you need to reach to be paid.

How to make money by testing games

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