How to make money on YouTube

earn on YouTube

I’m sure everybody knows YouTube. It is the second largest webpage in the world and it is growing with staggering speed. Every day there are more creators and viewers. Therefore Youtube is in a good way to completely replace classical television. If you think about it, it is a really remarkable platform which attracts hundreds of millions of visitors every hour. Above all it is free. For users and most importantly for creators. Moreover, it even pays creators. We all know that major YouTube channels make a profit from their videos. But how is this working? And further do you have to have millions of followers to start earning this way? Let me calm you down right at the beginning. You don’t need millions of subscribers. You don’t even have to have thousands of subscribers and views to earn money on YouTube.

So, let me show you the main methods to earn money on YouTube

Get paid for posting videos

The first method of earning money on YouTube is pretty obvious. A lot of YouTubers get paid from YouTube if people watch their videos. The amount of money they get varies and depends on several factors. From the niche in which the video is posted to how many minutes users have been watching the video.

If you want to start earning money with this method you have to start your channel. When choosing a niche, pay attention to choosing something that makes you happy and that you are familiar with it. So That you will be happy to make videos about that niche. Make sure that your content is interesting and of high quality. Therefore your channel will have many views and consequently many subscribers.

When you will have 1,000 subscribers and your videos would have 4,000 hours of watch time you can apply for monetization. In other words, your videos will get ads and you will get paid.

Tools you need for success on Youtube

For making good professional-looking videos you don’t need to buy an expensive camera or overcomplicated video making software. You can start by filming yourself with your smartphone. And then when you earn some money, you buy a video camera. A lot of successful YouTubers start this way.

For video editing, I strongly recommend DaVinci Resolve. It has a fully functional free version and a lot of tutorials on YouTube. You can edit your videos in minutes.

Video positioning on YouTube is similar to site positioning on Google. After all, they are from the same company. You can have a really good video with great content but you don’t get any views. This can be frustrating. Especially for those who don’t know SEO optimization. When describing a video, you need to choose the right keywords so YouTube will show your video. In this time-consuming task, you can help yourself with TubeBuddy. This app works wonders in tasks related to video publishing on YouTube. Get it here for free.

Get paid as Affiliate Marketer

You can promote various products in your videos. That’s how you will get paid commission of thair seles. You can also make reviews of products and services in your videos and make even more sales. More on affiliate marketing.

Sell your products

You can create your products with your branding and sell them on your channel. This method is Amazon FBA.

Make Money on YouTube without posting videos

In this method, you can run your advertising campaigns on YouTube and use this giant platform to your advantage. You can sell affiliate or Amazon FBA products through these campaigns.

In conclusion, YouTube is full of opportunities and the right place to try to make some money.

How to make money on YouTube

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