How to make money online in 2021

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and all the measures that follow, the digital sector is expected to grow further in 2021. Due to quarantine and restrictions on movement, even more, people will shop online. As a result, more businesses will start operating digitally. In 2020, we witnessed companies that you would never think would go online have found themselves on the internet. In the year 2021, there will be even more such companies. Those that have been online for many years will offer new services and products to stay ahead of the competition.

Therefore, the climate for earning money online or working from home will be as good as it has not been for a long time. Below are our predictions of what the most popular ways to earn money online or to work from home will be in the year 2021.

1 Micro Jobs

You can earn money online with a lot of webpages or apps that provide micro-jobs. You just sign in with them using your laptop or your mobile phone and you will immediately see earning opportunities. How exactly you earn your money differs from provider to provider. They show you what jobs are currently available in your area, for example taking pictures of advertising posters or drawing the lines. If you take on these jobs, you will earn a few more dollars.

2. Taking Surveys

With paid surveys, you can earn money online easily and without much effort. You just sign in with various portals, receive the surveys by email, and can then making money with only a few clicks.

3. Test Products

Similar to taking surveys but in this one you test companies’ products and get rewarded for that. Another way of increasing your pocket money through product reviews. You can register on online platforms and accept orders for product tests there. Many large companies, from drugstores to clothing stores and delivery services, are looking for testers for their products via these platforms. So different categories are covered. With your reviews, you not only help your wallet but also the companies to improve their products.

4. Online Flea Market

Another way to make money online is by selling things that you no longer need. For example, sort out your wardrobe or look for old treasures in the basement. With a photo and a small description, you can easily upload and sell your old things online at various flea markets.

5. Amazon FBA

You can find products that are currently popular on Amazon and sell them as your own. Amazon offers the option of storing, packing, and shipping the products. You just have to find the right products so you can make a profit. You can find out more about Amazon FBA here.

6. Cryptocurrencies

The old fashioned way of saving accounts no longer works well these days. Interest rates are low and money is losing value rather than gaining value. They say the future is in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is the most trusted currency. It is expected by some experts to gain value maybe even up to $ 100.000.

Most importantly, you can still get some free cryptocurrencies who have the potential to be worth something in the future. Now there are also apps with which you can mine cryptocurrencies on your phone. If you would like to get some Bitcoins by mining them using a web browser, click here.

7. Become an Influencer

As an influencer, you can use virtually any social media platform for this. Whether Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. The main thing is that the followers, shares, comments, and click numbers are high. As an influencer, you inspire a large community with your content. Companies have found this out and are using influencers to their advantage. They spend a lot of money on marketing via influencers. The whole thing not only works through the company’s products, such as affiliate marketing or product placements on YouTube but goes far beyond that.

8. Affiliate Marketing

You can be an influencer or ordinary guy and make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. There are a lot of different methods of affiliate marketing. You can use your social media channels or just placing paid ads. All you have to do is wisely advertise products so they get sold. More about Affiliate Marketing is here.

9. CPA Marketing

CPA marketing, also known as cost per action or cost per acquisition marketing, is a way of affiliate marketing where an affiliate gets a commission when a specific action is completed. In other words, you get paid when someone who came through your link, submit a phone number or email address to get some free product or information.

10. YouTube

YouTube is enormous and it’s growing very fast every day. It will probably replace classic television in near future. Because of that YouTube is one of the most to go place to make money online. There are a lot of ways to earn money on this platform. You can start your channel and get paid from YouTube for showing ads. The second option is you can advertise on YouTube and making Affiliate Marketing. You can also be making money editing videos for famous Youtubers etc.

11. Become a Gamer

With a passion for computer gaming, you can not only get known on YouTube but also earn money online as a professional gamer. Computer games have become a real profession. Because e-sports are becoming more and more popular, and so there are many competitions with attractive prize money.

​​12. Selling Photos

Nowadays we all have smartphones with decent cameras that can create beautiful photos. If you like taking photos in your free time then you can monetize your hobby online. Stock photo platforms like Shutterstock make this possible. There you can upload your photos. If someone needs a photo for a website or for a poster they can download that photo and you get a fee.

13. Blogging

You can write your own blog about subjects that interests you. If you get a lot of traffic you can monetize your blog and sell products with affiliate marketing.

14. Writing

You can earn money online not only with your photos but also with your texts. As a freelance writer, you can write texts for products for companies and website operators. You can submit your offer on portals like

15. Online Courses

Teaching nowadays works online without any problems. Do you know a particular topic very well? Or are you particularly good at cooking, using Excel, or speaking Spanish? Or you have any other knowledge that could be useful to others? Then make money by teaching other people. You can make your own online course. There are a few platforms where you can offer your courses and teach your students everything via video, live, or recorded.

16. Virtual Assistance

Another way to earn money online full-time is to work as a virtual assistant. Due to the current situation, when the social distance and work from home are being promoted, it is to be expected that this way of earning money in 2021 will greatly expand. You assist companies or private individuals with individual tasks. You don’t do that personally on site, but wherever you want, because communication takes place over the Internet. There are many subject areas in which virtual assistance is required, from coordinating appointments to accounting and research. You can register on various job portals by specifying your skills as a virtual assistant and thus be found by companies.

17. Programming and Web Design

Finally, the two most obvious ways to make money online. Programmers and web designers also work primarily on the Internet. Similar to the virtual assistant job, you can offer your skills on various websites and thus be found by companies.

How to make money online in 2021

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