How to Make money with free gift cards

Make money with free gift cards

With this strategy, you can make money with free gift cards. It’s free, it’s simple, it’s super easy and you can make hundreds. You can make from 50 cents up to 4 dollars again and again. Passive income online with this strategy can be implemented in less than five minutes. It has unlimited earning potential and you can earn hundreds of dollars daily. This method is 100 % free to get started and it will never cost you a single cent plus it works worldwide. On top of that, with this strategy, you can be paid every day. 

1. Find a good CPA offer to make money with free gift cards

What is CPA?

First of all, for those of you who do not know what CPS means. It’s a cost per acquisition or cost per action. If someone completes an action like sign up to offer or submit to the mailing list, you are going to earn. They do not even have to go and buy that product. Thus CPA marketing is a sub-genre of affiliate marketing.

How to find CPA offer?

The first step is to go to which is available around the world. Using this site is very easy and you can earn a lot of money with it. I love this site because you can get paid using this website every day and the best thing about this site is there is absolutely no selling with this strategy. There is a minimum daily payment of one dollar and I’m going to show you how to make hundreds.

All you have to do is to click on the login button and sign in. When you log in you should go to the Offers. Pay attention to the filter on this page. If you click on this, it will show you in which countries you can do your promotions. And this is basically worldwide guys. I have not seen a country here, that cannot use this site guys.  

Under the filter, you have all these deals for use to make passive income with them. Here are different offers and on the right, you can see payouts. As I said, this is a cost per acquisition or cost per action, which means people do not need to buy everything. They just need to sign up, and these companies will then try to get these people to sign up for something else, so they can earn money on them.  

Here you have a lot of different companies with different offers. We are looking for things like gift cards. There is a lot o gift card offers on this website. You have a Walmart gift card, you have a Visa gift card etc. For showing you this method, I found a $100 Walmart gift card. I love this one because you earn one dollar and sixteen cents every time someone signs in. 

make money with gift cards

I just click on this offer I like and grab an affiliate link. Now I’m ready to promote this offer. When I will share it and anyone clicks on it and register I will make $1,16. As you can see it’s super simple and super easy and it’s also very effective guys because you don’t sell anything. Instead of this, you offering a chance to get a free gift card at known companies. 

If your promotion is for one country and you get clicks from another country, your offer will be redirected to the offers suitable for that country. So you still can get paid if people sign in. 

2. Get a free quiz to promote your free gift card

As we all know the hardest part is to find good free traffic. So how are we going to get this? We will do this part in two stages. What you want to do first, you want to come to Interact, at where we will make a free quiz. So, you just sign in ad log in. When you are logged in, all you have to do is to click on make your own quiz for free on the top right part of the site. As soon as you click on it, it’s going to take you to a page where you can make your own quiz. You want to just click to create a new quiz. It will bring you to a page that looks like this. 

make money with free quiz

Now, I’m going to show you how to do it with just one simple question just to get your foot in the door for them to sign up, so you can get pay from there guys. You want to click on Start From Scratch guys and then on Assessments. Once you do, it will take you to a page that looks like this 

make money with free quiz 2

Here you just create a simple quiz with one question that people will answer. On the call to action button, you have to put your free gift card link so when someone will answer your quiz he or she will be redirected to the free gift card offer. 

When you are finished designing your quiz, click to publish button. It’s going to bring you to a page with a link to your quiz. This link is the link we are going to use when we get our free traffic as people click on it and they complete this quiz I’m going to be paid $1.16 again and again in passive income. That’s it. 

3. Get free traffic for your free quiz

So where to get free traffic? The best place it worked for me is Facebook. And the reason why it’s working is because I went straight to Facebook groups. What you have to do is to go and find different Facebook groups about sweepstakes, gift cards, gifts, freebies, etc, and all you need to do is join all these different groups. Those groups have thousands of members who are looking for free stuff. These groups are designed for these things are not going to ban you. You are not going to be blocked. 

So, once you are excepted into these groups, you just go there and write something like: “How do you want to make a hundred dollars?” or “How would you like a one hundred dollar Walmart gift card for free? If you do, click on the link below and follow the instructions.” Now, anyone who goes and clicks on it will make you money. You stand a very good chance of making very good money online. 

Conclusion on make money with free gift cards

This earning method gives you the opportunity to earn a lot of money online with a simple strategy and it will take you a few minutes to set it all up. You can start making very good passive income online follow this strategy. And remember, it’s all free. I think it’s definitely worth trying it out. 

How to Make money with free gift cards

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