Making money doing nothing

make money doing nothing

Yes, it is possible to make money online by doing nothing. But you have to be realistic and don’t expect to make thousands of dollars this way. Nobody will give you a lot of money for nothing. Anyway, you can still earn some decent money (depending on how much energy you invest) with these three totally legit methods that I’m presenting below.

Making money by listening to music

This app named Current is claiming that you can earn up to $600 per year just using their app. Yes, you can earn up to $600 in a year by listening to music, watching promo videos, and taking surveys. But this article is about doing almost nothing, so we are focused on listening to music. Bay the way, I’m using this app right now when I’m writing this article and I have to say it’s great.

There are hundreds of stations with all sorts of music genres. Even more, you can sort stations by moods. In short, music for every taste and every occasion. You don’t have to listen to some random musician from SoundCloud, that you don’t even like, but you can actually listen to music you enjoy and you will even get paid for doing that. We obviously listening to music every single day. And now we can get paid for doing that. This is really amazing. And you know what, I would probably listen to this app even if they wouldn’t pay me.

How to start making money with Current?

All you have to do is to go to their webpage and install this app. It is available for either iOS or Android at both App Store and Google Play Store. Then you register with your email, and you are ready to be paid for listening to music. That’s all. You have to install the app and listen to music. By listening you are earning points. The more you play the more music, the more points you are gonna get and money you’re gonna make. You can convert your point for PayPal money or use it in stores. The minimum payout at Current is $1.

Making money literally doing nothing

Honeygain is a software that’s out there that you can run on your Android phone, Windows, or macOS computer that earns you money in the background.

How Honeygain works?

Honeygain is a software that turns your Windows or macOS computer, or your Android device into a proxy server.

Really technical part. You can skip it if you are not interested.

Most of you probably don’t know what a proxy server is. Let me explain. Usually, when you want to visit a website, like for example,, you enter it into your browser’s address bar, you hit the enter key, and your computer connects to the servers from Google. Now, if you were to use a proxy server, it would work slightly differently. You would enter into your browser, but your computer would first connect to a different computer. And then that computer would connect to Google. So a proxy server is a machine between your computer and the address that you actually want to reach.

And to better understand all of that, let’s look at one of the most common examples for using a proxy server. Let’s assume that you are a US citizen and you have a Netflix account, and usually, you would watch within the US, at your home. However, the moment you leave the United States (maybe you go on vacation or you study abroad for a couple of months) and you try to access Netflix from outside the US, you will see different content because the Netflix program is tailored to each country.

It doesn’t really matter why Netflix has different content per country or region. The fact is that you would not be able to see the exact same program that you could see at home in the US. And that’s where services like VPNs, which stands for virtual private network or proxy servers come into play and allow you to connect to services you want to use from a specific location. Now, this way you would be in a foreign country, but your computer would first connect to a proxy server within the US and then to Netflix. Therefore the Netflix system will perceive you as somebody accessing the services from within the US and you will see your US program. And obviously, that is something that Netflix and other providers that apply geo-restrictions to their services want to avoid. So they gather the IP addresses of most commercial VPN and proxy server providers. This means you would then use the VPN or the proxy server, but Netflix would then tell you, we are sorry you cannot use our services using a VPN.

And that’s precisely where Honeygain comes into play from an end-users perspective because they don’t run their own VPN or proxy servers in data centers with known IP addresses. They provide a piece of software that every person can install on their computer or on their Android phone and turn their device into a proxy server for other people, therefore, services that want to prevent people from using proxys or VPNs cannot do that anymore. Because the access doesn’t come from a data center IP address, but from a regular IP address, like you have it at home with your internet connection. So that’s how Honeygain works and why actually has a huge advantage over commercial proxy providers. And it’s also the reason why you are able to make money with Honeygain.


You can use Honeygain if you have a Windows computer, or a macOS computer, or an Android device. Simply install the application and that will turn your device into a proxy server. If you use this link, you’ll get a free bonus of $5 initially for signing up. On the Android application, you can even set a data transfer limit. So Honeygain doesn’t use all of your data.

How do you make money with Honeygain?

Once you have Honeygain installed on your device and it’s running your device will be available as a proxy server. So if somebody wants to use a proxy server in your location and they use a service that relies on the Honeygain network, then that connection may go through your computer. You will not notice anything going on, the user will never have access to anything on your computer. The Honeygain application simply passes the traffic from that user through to the server where it’s supposed to go.

And as a result for that data throughput, so for the requests that users send through you as a proxy server and for the data that gets routed back through you, you’ll receive $1 compensation for every 10GB in data transfer. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot, but the fact of the matter is you don’t have to do anything for it. All you have to do is install the application and have it running. The rest happens in the background. And believe me, you will forget you even have it on your computer.

Honeygain’s minimum payout is at $20. So once you basically pass through the first 150 GB of data (plus $5 bonus), you will be able to withdraw your first $20 payment.

How much money can you make with Honeygain?

How much money you can potentially earn with Honeygain depends on a lot of different factors. For example, if you live within the US where there’s more demand for proxy servers and so on, you will most likely earn more through Honeygain, than if you live in a smaller country. Or another factor that could influence your earnings with HoneyGain is how many other users in your region are also using Honeygain. If there are way more users available, then it means that the traffic will be split up on more people, which again, will result in lower earnings for you.

Honeygain is actually a win-win situation. It is definitely legit. It doesn’t require powerful hardware. There is no access to your data. But at the end of the day, even if it takes you a year to achieve the $20 payout, it still means that just for using your computer the way you anyway would use it, you certainly make some money. If you don’t have a Honeygain account yet, this is your last chance to use this link and get your $5 for free, so you actually have your first payout sooner.


The third method has already been presented on this blog, but it is a really great opportunity so I’m present it again. CryptoTab Browser, the world’s first browser with built-in mining features. Fast, convenient, and easy-to-use, it will mine BTC while you’re browsing the web or just keep the window open and active.

Considering that the value of Bitcoin has more than tripled since March this year and it is expected to rise even further, it is definitely wise to own some fraction of the Bitcoin. More on this subject you can read here. And here you can get CryptoTab Browser and start mining right away.

Making money doing nothing

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